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    i donate blood in the hopes that my blood will overpower theirs and take control of their body so i will gain another vessel to use as my own

    why am I reblogging this?

    it appears my blood has been successful

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    *jokes about making out with you until it actually happens*

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    why do people get so mad about puns? they’re literally the nicest kind of humor. they make nobody feel bad. it’s just clever. sometimes it’s original. learn to like puns. don’t let society run your life

    Some may not admit it, but 99% of the anger people experience after a good pun comes from the fact that they didn’t think of it first.

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    like yes, I agree, girls are 500x better than boys, but let’s stop pretending that straight girls are not giant homophobes 9 times out of 10, and do remember that they are absolutely prone to ostracizing, undermining, bullying, harassing, outing, attacking, and assaulting lesbian and bi ones

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    go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait

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    did you ever realize that you could just get up right now and start walking somewhere far far away and never come home again

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